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Monday, March 27

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Raising Student and Community Voice to Inform System Change EnterpriseDr. Peter Lancia • Pattie DeMaria • Student Panel from Westbrook School Department • Amanda Atkinson-Lewis • Westbrook School Department (ME) • One Westbrook (ME) Negotiating Culturally Relevant Teaching: Employing Critical Consciousness Within Cautious School Contexts Salon IJessica Wang • Julie Carney • Serena Anthonypillai • Dr. John Settlage • University of Connecticut (CT) How to Avoid Fake-quity Pitfalls: Our District’s Journey Towards Educational Equity FreedomTom Danylik • Clarissa Fish • RSU 10 (ME) Turning Antiracist Thoughts into Antiracist Action CourageousCarrie Young-McWilliams • Jeanie Philips • Great Schools Partnership (ME) Portrait of Learner: One District's Strategic Planning and Visioning Process Salon IIDonna Couture • Rebecca Carlson • Dr. David Hobbs • Lauren DeConstant • Dr. Lauren Marsden • SAU 21 (NH) Genocide and The Holocaust: Having Difficult Conversations in Classrooms and Beyond Salon IVJeremiah Melhuish • Lily Bachand • Cooper Hodgeman • Natalie Holmes • Landon Roberts • Aaliyah Wilburn • North Country Union High School (VT) Learning What it Means to Belong: One District's Story Salon IIISonia Tellier • Henry St. Julien • Mary Kate Stevens • Falmouth Public Schools (MA) Mastery, Not Time: Engage Around the Latest Trends and Practices of Competency-Based Education ColumbiaJay Jay Pina • Laurie Gagnon • The Aurora Institute (VA) What Does It Really Mean To Be Engaged? WeatherlyJulie Corden • Lydia Miudo • Sue Nash • Killingly Schools (CT)

3:45pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

Closing the Social Capital Gap Salon IIGabby Brown • Victoria Ortiz • Angel Feliz • Cosima Eyre • Evan Travis • Arthur Baraf • The Met High School (RI) • Dr Sonn Sam • Big Picture Learning (RI) Re-Imagining Engagement Practices with Confianza Salon IVChelsea Lauder • Jalene Tamerat • Northeastern University (MA) Negotiating Culturally Relevant Teaching: Employing Critical Consciousness Within Cautious School Contexts Salon IJessica Wang • Julie Carney • Serena Anthonypillai • Dr. John Settlage • University of Connecticut (CT) Designing a Middle School with Equity at the Center WeatherlyMonica Desrochers • Gabe Hamilton • Holland VanderWey • Addison Northwest School District (VT) Introducing, Implementing, and Sustaining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies and Practices in Predominantly White School Communities ColumbiaAndres Mejia • David Ryan • Christopher Andriski • SAU 16 (NH) It's Time to Check Your Equity Pulse: Planning for Impact in Schools and Districts CourageousMichelle Milstein • Clyde Cole • Great Schools Partnership (ME) Real and Relevant: Personalizing the Curriculum through Independent Projects Salon IIIOliver Morrison • Blue Steves • Maddie Sweeney • Michelle Goldsmith • Jim Shields • Kevin Downey • Big Picture South Burlington (VT) Data that Matters: Using Student Story (data) to Promote Educational Justice EnterpriseAdam Bunting • Brian Lloyd-Newberry • Champlain Valley Union High School (VT) Adopt & Adapt: A Roadmap to Culturally Responsive HQIM Implementation FreedomStephen Garschina-Bobrow • Gina Sheehan • Boston Public Schools (MA)

5:15pm EDT

Tuesday, March 28

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What's the SCORE? Youth- and Parent- Driven Indicators of Educational Equity EnterpriseJoanne Thompson • Adrienne Goss • Janette Perez • Evelyn Tobar • CYCLE at Roger Williams University (RI) • SPHERE at Rhode Island College (RI) Educators Union, Community, and District collaborating for racial equity at district and school level Salon ITheresa Bryant • Tracy Little-Sasanecki • Brenda Dunn • Springfield Educators Unions (MA) • Val Williams • Springfield DIRE Administrators (MA) • Tara Parish • Pioneer Valley Project (MA) White School Leaders and Racial Justice School Reform WeatherlyT. Elijah Hawkes • Upper Valley Educators Institute (NH/VT) Instructional Rounds: An Inclusive, Non-Evaluative Observation Protocol CourageousErica Wallstrom • Leah Tuckman • Great Schools Partnership (ME) Breaking Through the Walls of Your School: Empowering Students to Change the World Right Now ColumbiaDaniel Kelley • Vin Zibelli • Shayna Fox-Norwitz • Erica Hogan • Hannah Eastwood • Smithfield High School (RI) Farm Fantasy Program - How one school leveraged community partnerships to create a robust, authentic learning experience and how you can too! Salon IIIAnne Ellis • Claire Handy • Lisa Linehan • Wendy Collins • Blayne Matty • Joe Bassett • Shapleigh School (ME) Growing Student Activists for Racial Equity and Justice FreedomDakashna Lang • Livingston Public Schools (NJ) Reimagining Student-Centered Social Studies in a Racially, Linguistically, and Religiously Diverse School Salon IIMichael Eppolito • Camilla Thomassen-Tai • Winooski School District (VT)

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